About Us

Engaging Learning Environment

your child will develop self-esteem and independence.

The Scotland High school is designed to provide effective learning space and learning environment to the students under the able guidance of international teachers. We focus on Physical, mental, emotional and psychological growth of children to help them become a good asset for society.

School follows special learning system “E-DAC”. The aim of this learning system is to make learning stress free and effective with help of with the help of various audio, visual and kinesthetic learning tools and techniques. It makes learning an engaging and experiential process for all learners. We do not want parents to waste money on tuitions. So, we provide online support to students to make learning easy at home. Our focus is on linguistic development of learners. We teach English as a language not as a subject. Ethical and moral values are the part of curriculum and daily routine of the students.

We believe that “Sports do not build character, it reveals character”. We encourage students to participate in games. Coaching for football, cricket, athletics, volleyball etc. is provided by the special coaches according to interest and ability of students. Co-curricular activities are also the prime focus area of school for the overall development of students.

Our mission is to groom the latent, not to just create high performers.