Our Vision & Mission


We aim to create a differentiated and personalized learning experience for our students. This will be achieved through revolutionary changes in the education.


In the Scotland High school We intend to groom the talent and not just create high performers.


The driving force behind The Scotland High school is its progressive learning system, E-DAC. The aim of this learning system is to make learning effortless and effective with the help of various audio, visual and kinesthetic learning tools and techniques. The system is innovative in its approach as it is designed to make learning an engaging and experiential process for all learners. It is the outcome of intensive research by the researchers. Though E-DAC is an acronym for the four-fold process of learning that takes a learner through various stages of learning, the process itself is a never ending continuum that may begin at any point but one that never ends, thus making lifelong learner.


E-DAC approach to learning is an innovative yet scientifically designed methodology aimed at making learning a joyous, engaging, experiential, meaningful and creative process for all learners. It enables learner to realize that learning is a joyful and fruitful experience for life and it leads the learner to develop an understanding and awareness to reach out to self and others. Further focusing on the way teenage mind work, E-DAC uses a problem solving approach to learner.